Mike dropped me an email to say the ReMix videos are now online. That is a lot of video as ReMix was 4 tracks over the two days - I missed a lot of great sessions! You can watch the videos online now.

I certainly recommend you take some time to watch the day one keynote as I really enjoyed Bill Buxtons insights on design. Bill is an unusual but extremely engaging speaker. I would also recommend Mike Flasko from day one on ADO.NET Data Services.

I am also keen to watch my own session as a) there was plenty of room for improvement and b) I had a complete mental block with the first demo and I am keen to see what I did wrong (The core problem was I had several “candidates” for the first demo and I foolishly didn’t pick one in advance – doh!). My session was day two after lunch “Behind Every Great Site There is Great Data!”.