I was putting this list together for a presentation. It is scary when you start checking dates :)

  1. First PC – ZX80 in 1980 (then BBC Micro, Atari 520STFM and Macintosh LC)
  2. First computer job... FORTAN in 1986
  3. Wrote most LOC on... Unix using C
  4. Favourite IDE of all time ...GNU Emacs
  5. Joined Microsoft DRG in 1996
  6. Started with early adoption work on ASP, SQL 6.5, MTS...
  7. Went “Back to development” in July 2008 – in VB
  8. I Geek to Live (not Live to Geek)
  9. I am editor of the UK MSDN Flash
  10. I am fascinated by ALT.NET values and practices