Note: Cross posted from IUpdateable from Eric Nelson.

Having skim watched many (but not all) the Azure sessions from PDC I thought I would call out my top 5 sessions I recommend you find some time to look at if you already know the basics.

  1. Tips and Tricks for Using Visual Studio 2010 to Build Applications that Run on Windows Azure
    1. Lots of great tips for developing for Azure. There is also a companion blog post.
  2. Windows Azure Blob and Drive Deep Dive
    1. Blobs have evolved significantly since day one. This session shows all.
  3. Windows Azure Tables and Queues Deep Dive
    1. The companion session to #2. Also excellent level of detail.
  4. Developing PHP and MySQL Applications with Windows Azure
    1. I need to watch again – but this makes for a fascinating watch, especially if you still believe Windows Azure = Web + Worker Roles.
  5. Development Best Practices and Patterns for Using Microsoft SQL Azure Databases
    1. SQL Azure = subset of SQL Server – but with a few bits to trip you up.
  6. Developing Advanced Applications with Windows Azure
    1. Ok, I said 5 but it would be very wrong to miss out this great session from Steve!

The complete list can be found over on Ryans blog.