The interesting thing about the Windows Azure Platform is there is never a shortage of new stuff to explore.

You can either manually select the operating system that you want to have deployed to your nodes via a drop down box or allow automatic mode to upgrade to the latest operating system as they are released.


  • Steve Marx has written a Windows Azure application called  Swingify that allows you to upload any song to the internet and convert it into a swing  version. How about  Lady Gaga – Bad Romance for starters :)
  • Not sure I mentioned it before, but Windows Azure Platform Training Kit got a June update.  The kit contains 15 Hands On Labs,  15 Presentations and Videos, 21 Demos, 3 Samples and Tools. Download the Training Kit here.
  • Cloud Computing: A Guide for IT Leaders this is an online resource for business and technology leaders interested in the cloud, Windows Azure and BPOS.