Yesterday (22nd August 2010) was mvcConf – “the Virtual ASP.NET MVC Conference”. This was an ambitious undertaking by the community to deliver a three track, 20+ session conference for FREE using Live Meeting. And… it worked great. A big well done to everyone involved.

It was  particularly interesting to me and my team as we are hoping/planning to do similar online conferences in UK time around technologies such as the Windows Azure Platform and Windows Phone 7 – and attending yesterday gave me the confidence that we are on the right track.

Highlights for me included:

Three tracks, great mix of sessions, no excuse to be bored!


Could join all three rooms at the same time

and follow the open space “Law of two feet” with ease


Every session could be rated on

All sessions can be found at Alas only 78 ratings so far which is a shame. Rate them now!


The return of IRC

IRC is my fave “chat thing” and is too often overlooked.


Very professionally done

e.g. the slides explaining how it will all work



and the joining a room page


Sponsors a plenty

That were given plenty of air time at the start of sessions which is to be applauded. E.g. the wonderful JetBrains


And plenty of buzz afterwards