Yesterday (5th Oct 2010) I delivered a short (45mins) session on the Windows Azure Platform. Big thanks to all who made it to the far side of beyond in London to attend the afternoon session. I think the event  turned out rather well with my old team doing a top job as always – ably supported by our CEO Steve Ballmer doing the keynote :-). For folks wondering, Martin Beeby (IE9) is one of the two chaps that took my old role when I moved to the ISV team in August.

Are you an ISV?

Speaking of ISVs (Independent Software Vendors - that is you if you write some kind of product that you sell to more than one customer), I wanted to point you at the UK ISV team blog and brand new twitter account which I will increasingly be found on. If you are an ISV, please fave the blog and follow the twitter account. And if you are an ISV please keep an eye on (and sign up to)

FREE “delve deeper” events

Hopefully yesterdays Azure session got you interested enough to delve deeper. I would highly recommend both of these:

FREE access to the Windows Azure Platform

And finally, if you are looking for the cheapest way to explore Azure then check out the free Introductory Special – not many compute hours per month but you do get a SQL Azure database free for three months. (A while back I did a walkthrough for this offer and for the even better MSDN subscriber offer)


They will appear at later today. (Slideshare is on a go slow this morning)