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    Download IE10 Platform Preview 2

    Internet Explorer 10 was voted highly in a small survey last week of UK ISVs looking at the significance of new Microsoft technologies to their own product roadmaps. Hence it is a timely to point out that last week we released IE10 Platform Preview 2 which is is now available for download at http://ietestdrive.com There are plenty of new demos to look at but I also recommend you check out: Channel 9 videos on IE 10 Platform Preview 2 (listed below) the engineering team's blo g . the  Internet Explorer...
  • IUpdateable from Eric Nelson (http://ericnelson.wordpress.com)

    Did you miss me :)

    Just a short note to say I’m back on this blog… I’m back on twitter … I never left LinkedIn … except… I have buggered up my eyes and optician has told me to dramatically reduce my pc usage for a couple of days. Catch you all soon.
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