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  • Blog Post: FREE Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure e-book (Jan 2014)

    Not the one I did back in 2010 (which is now horribly out of date!), rather a shiny new one which walks you through a patterns-based approach to building real-world cloud solutions. It covers the development process as well as … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Six Steps to Windows Azure

    In January (2012)I delivered the hugely fun Six Weeks of Windows Azure. There was a lot right in the format we went with as well as improvements and changes we could make/try – I even did a little retrospective on … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Gaurav Mantri of Cerebrata Cloud Storage Studio fame is in London on April 3rd

    Cerebrata (now owned UK company Red-Gate) make awesome tools for Windows Azure – thanks largely to the work of Gaurav Mantri. And it just so happens that the UK Windows Azure User Group has Gaurav speaking on April 3rd in London. Definitely a session worth attending if you are in London that day. Gaurav...
  • Blog Post: Q&A: Can I use Visual Studio 11 to do Windows Azure development?

    This one seems to keep popping up… The following is true as of 12th March 2012 Short Answer: No. You will need Visual Studio 2010 or 2008. Long Answer:  You will need to setup a development environment for Windows Azure using Visual Studio 2010 before installing Visual Studio 11. You can find details...
  • Blog Post: Mini retrospective on Six Weeks of Windows Azure

    I have previously posted some of the “raw data” on Six Weeks of Windows Azure but I wanted to also share some thoughts about “how it went” and “how we might do things differently” in the form of a mini retrospective. What went well? Achieved a lot for very little money Our budget was £0. [...] ...read...
  • Blog Post: Looking back at Six Week of Windows Azure – raw data

    I wanted to share some of the “raw data” from Six Weeks of Windows Azure which started way back in January and completed today (29th Feb 2012) I will shortly do a mini-retrospective. Top Level: Web site visits: 23,140 (as of 29th Feb) with 1857 visits on the busiest day Partners involved: 11 (partners...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure using CNAME DNS records for multiple sites and SSL

    Steve has pulled together a gentle stroll through DNS, CNAME records and multiple web sites and how they all related to Windows Azure. This was in response to frequent questions we had on this area during Six Weeks of Windows Azure. Thanks Steve. Steve and his pen ...read more
  • Blog Post: Deploying PHP and ASP.NET Sites in a Single Azure Web Role

    One of the companies on www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk asked us about the specifics of deploying into a single web role two solutions – one built in PHP and one built in ASP.NET. I reached out to Brian Swan for help. Brian is one of the Microsoft team focused on making PHP developers very happy on the Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Slides, Notes and Recordings for Week 1 and 2 of #6weeksazure are all now available

    Head over to www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk and click on Week 1 and Week 2 to get details. It is not too late to join us – there is after all still 4 more weeks to go and we have recordings of the first two weeks. Sign up today! Note: This is primarily targeting UK companies – but [...] ...read more
  • Blog Post: Recordings from Monday 23rd January #6weeksazure sessions now available

    Note: for me this service has sometimes not worked today (24th Jan). I have reported it to the events team. Next session is Wednesday 10am – Designing for the Cloud. 44WW076 – Six Weeks of Azure – Weekly check-in (AM recording 23.01.2012) “The one where the all internet connectivity vanished...
  • Blog Post: Slides and notes from Monday 23rd January #6weeksazure sessions now available

    Now available on SkyDrive. Check out Week1 for slides and “Webinar Notes” for todays notes. We will expand the Notes a little further tomorrow once we go through the Q&A. ...read more
  • Blog Post: Six Weeks of Windows Azure webinar join links now live #6weeksazure

    The webinar join links are now live on the website http://sixweeksofazure.wordpress.com/joinwebinar/  We start at 12pm today (Monday 23rd January) but we will have the meeting open during the morning. Hence I would encourage you to join now to check your PC connects fine. See you all at 12pm Eric...
  • Blog Post: Just published my first node.js Windows Azure application

    Turned out to be simplicity itself (thanks to this sweet tutorial). Great work team on the Windows Azure SDK for node.js and some lovely Powershell integration. Which in the management portal shows up as: Currently running (Thursday 19th Jan 2012) at http://ericnelnode1.cloudapp.net/ with the exciting...
  • Blog Post: We kick off 12pm Monday 23rd of January using Live Meeting 2007 #6weeksazure

    Next Monday we start Six Weeks of Windows Azure with: The 12pm opening session will look ahead at what you can expect from the six weeks and will offer advice on how best to make use of the time. It will also share tips, tools and resources to help you get going from day one. [...] ...read more
  • Blog Post: Pause for thought – 4 great questions on Cloud Computing

    Ashwin Raghavan contacted me via this blog about the dissertation he is working on for his MBA and whether I would be able to answer some questions for him. I thought his questions were bang on. I’ll share my answers later … but for now, ponder on these In your view, do you agree with [...] ...read more
  • Blog Post: My top 3 improvements in Windows Azure from the December update

    In December we announced many improvements to Windows Azure… a month on and I was reflecting upon which were my favourites and which had resonated best with our early adopters. There were a lot to choose from but I’ve narrowed it down to three in reverse order: 3. SQL Azure Database Size increased to...
  • Blog Post: Metro UX meets Windows Azure.., via Solidsoft marketing :-)

    One of the partners helping us deliver Six Weeks of Windows Azure is Solidsoft. This graphic made me smile – nice use of Metro UX. Well done folks. And if you would like to know more about Metro, check out: Windows Dev Center – Metro Style App Development Channel 9 Windows 8 UX Video 8 [...] ....
  • Blog Post: www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk just passed a little milestone–10,000 views #6weeksazure

    Just been checking the stats for www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk and we just crossed the 10,000 views mark. Which should mean lots of folks turn up on day one Related Links: Register today for www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk which starts January 23rd and runs for six weeks with webinars and online surgeries every...
  • Blog Post: One to watch – Cloud Fundamentals Video Series

    A new video series has kicked off over on the Trustworthy Computing blog focused on Cloud Fundamentals. This series is targeted at Chief Security Information Officers, Chief Security Officers, as well as VPs and Directors. If you care about topics such as: Compliance, audit, and certifications Benchmarks...
  • Blog Post: Industry news…OnLive is expanding to business users… hmmm

    The one things that never changes when it comes to “the wonderful world of cloud computing” is… that everything keeps changing. I have previously posted about my negative first experience with the OnLive service for delivering Windows based games (Cloud Computing is full). Ultimately I never did get...
  • Blog Post: Updated agenda for Six Weeks of Windows Azure now available #6weeksazure

    The (almost) final agenda is now available and a little context on what still needs to happen can be found in this related post.  It is not too late to sign up – we kick this all off on January … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: FREE seminar on Windows Azure February 7th, Basingstoke

    ICS Solutions are one of the partners helping us deliver www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk which starts January 23rd. They also deliver regular free seminars on Windows Azure and the next takes place on February 7th 2012. Mark Hirst (an old friend of mine) … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Update on Six Weeks of Windows Azure #6weeksazure

    I just wanted to give a brief update on www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk which starts January 23rd. Preparations to make this into a great six weeks for UK companies are now well progressed and we are nicely on track to have a superb … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Check out the London Windows Azure User Group

    The London Windows Azure Users Group is a new user group founded by Andy Cross, Richard Conway and Hancock and Parsons. The group is dedicated to building a sustainable community of Azure users that want to share experiences and code! … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Cloud Computing Survey for Software Product Authors (Dec 2011 to Jan 2012)

    We are keen to get a feel for the current level of awareness and desire around Cloud Computing and specifically the Windows Azure Platform. Hence I have created a short and hopefully very quick to complete survey: Just 10 questions … Continue reading → ...read more
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