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  • Blog Post: FREE Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure e-book (Jan 2014)

    Not the one I did back in 2010 (which is now horribly out of date!), rather a shiny new one which walks you through a patterns-based approach to building real-world cloud solutions. It covers the development process as well as … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Pinning sites in Windows 8 – add two meta tags to make it high quality

    Windows 8 IE10 allows you to pin sites to the start screen. But the site end up pinned with a favicon (if defined) and an auto generated colour. That is unless you add two meta tags and create yourself a png of 144px by 144px. <meta name="msapplication-TileImage" content="images/benthepcguy...
  • Blog Post: New to Expression Blend? Then check out these two videos over on BlendInsider

    Many of us are familiar with: Editing code in Visual Studio Editing HTML files in a text editor (perhaps Visual Studio) Editing XAML files in a text editor (perhaps Visual Studio) But… far fewer of us are familiar with Expression Blend… which turns out to be a “must have” for Windows 8 Metro style app...
  • Blog Post: Q&A: Can I use Visual Studio 11 to do Windows Azure development?

    This one seems to keep popping up… The following is true as of 12th March 2012 Short Answer: No. You will need Visual Studio 2010 or 2008. Long Answer:  You will need to setup a development environment for Windows Azure using Visual Studio 2010 before installing Visual Studio 11. You can find details...
  • Blog Post: Deploying PHP and ASP.NET Sites in a Single Azure Web Role

    One of the companies on www.sixweeksofazure.co.uk asked us about the specifics of deploying into a single web role two solutions – one built in PHP and one built in ASP.NET. I reached out to Brian Swan for help. Brian is one of the Microsoft team focused on making PHP developers very happy on the Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Very handy utility – hurl.it

    This is a very handy utility when working with web apis – I assumed I was last to discover it, turns out I’m not Hurl makes HTTP requests. Enter a URL, set some headers, view the response, then share it with others. Perfect for demoing and debugging APIs And… as is the trend these days… [...] ...read...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 and developers

    Post BUILD conference, much has been written about “Windows 8” and the impact of the announced technologies on developers, especially existing .NET developers.  Some of the conclusions people reached in those early days and weeks were quite frankly… a little … Continue reading → ...read...
  • Blog Post: October 4th to 6th–FREE Online Conferences on Phone, Azure and IE

    Three days of FREE conferences on the latest technologies from Microsoft – without even needing to get out of your pjs Windows Azure Online Conference / Tuesday 4 October, 3-5pm Register for this event here / Click here for more … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure sessions from the BUILD conference

    Although the BUILD conference was primarily about Windows 8, there was still a lot of great sessions on Windows Azure. Now… how do we collectively find the time to watch them Overview Getting started with Windows Azure by Brian Prince … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Hello Windows 8… wow!

    My Lenovo W520 (nice machine by the way) now has the Windows 8 Developer Preview running on it. After 30mins of use can I just say … wow! A 4.8 GB Download and setting up boot from VHD got me: … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: The evolution of the web–a visual journey

    Ever wondered when AJAX first appeared? When Netscape Navigator stopped? When HTML4 came into existence? Then you should pop over to the excellent Evolution of the Web site. Related Links: Back to the future with HTML, JavaScript and CSS – … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 5 RC with a touch of Mike Taulty

    The release candidate for Silverlight 5 is now available for download over on the Silverlight.NET site.  Check out the new features and then head over to http://www.silverlight.net/downloads where you will find: Silverlight 5 RC Developer Runtime for Windows Silverlight 5 … Continue reading...
  • Blog Post: Universal ASP.NET Providers??? Getting SQL Azure to handle your Session State

    While pulling together this post on the August release of the Windows Azure Tools I noted that the ASP.NET MVC 3 template included “the new universal ASP.Net providers that support SQL Azure”. Which made me pause and think … “What … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Back to the future with HTML, JavaScript and CSS – amazon take my money now…

    Back in 1996 I joined Microsoft to primarily work on SQL Server. By 1997 I was heavily involved in the “Browser wars” – and spent a lot of time exploring and talking on IE, HTML, DHTML (yey!), VBScript (cough!), JScript … Continue reading → ...read more
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