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  • Blog Post: Exciting times… Windows 8 RTMs and Windows Store opens for paid apps

    August 1st – a lovely day Windows 8 has been released to manufacturing Windows Store is open for paid apps and for company account registrations ...read more
  • Blog Post: First impressions of Telerik RadControls for Metro… very nice. #TelerikMetro

    Just spent 30mins with the beta of Telerik RadControls for Metro. Looking very promising, certainly enough for me to register for their free Webinar on the 24th of July 6pm UK time -  Why Build for Windows 8 and How RadControls for Metro can Help. The beta includes the following controls: And comes...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Virtual Labs – nice idea but….

    We have many great virtual labs for exploring our latest technology and I was excited to see that we had added Windows 8 development labs. However…the graphical performance I get against these labs when run from the UK is poor. Turns out the labs are done by remoting into a Windows Server 2003 image...
  • Blog Post: Great (none Windows 8 Metro) example of “content before chrome”and “swipe with mouse”

    One of the principles of Metro design style is "content before chrome". This is the idea that less is more and that only the most relevant elements should be on screen. In practice this means a lot of navigation/commands are not present until needed. On a tablet a swipe of the finger temporarily...
  • Blog Post: Developing for Windows on ARM – looking great!

    On June 12th Jason Zander posted What you need to know about developing for Windows on ARM (WOA) along with a companion video on Channel 9. All looks very impressive to me – well done to the team. In summary: You do the dev on an intel machine You can then deploy to ARM and [...] ...read more
  • Blog Post: A case study in moving a Windows Phone app to a Windows 8 Metro app

    Two great posts by the Telerik team documenting what it took to move a Windows Phone app to a Windows 8 Metro style app. I would recommend you download a high resolution pdf (7MB) of the posts. Designing a Windows 8 Metro style app starting from an existing Windows Phone app – Design Case Study [......
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Tablets… what I’ve spotted so far

    We all would love to see the list of Windows 8 tablet machines…but for the moment the OEMs are largely keeping their powder dry. However I have pulled together what I have spotted so far … which is certainly enough to keep me excited Be warned … some are simply rumours! In date order: September [......
  • Blog Post: Installing Windows 8 Metro Applications without needing to download from the store

    As a consumer you would use the Windows 8 Store to get an application onto Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The store is a great way to discover, try, buy (optional) and update applications. But… if you are an Enterprise looking to get Metro applications onto your employees Windows 8 desktops then you will...
  • Blog Post: My favourite Windows 8 Shortcut keys

    In other words… the ones I know about and keep using …and need to jot down somewhere (here!) lest I forget Charms and App Bar   Windows-C Open the Charms bar. Windows-I Open the Settings charm. Windows-K Open the Connect charm. Windows-H Open the Share charm. Windows-Q Open the Search pane. Windows...
  • Blog Post: FREE events covering Windows 8 for Application Developers start 30th March

    My group is laying on a a three city (London, Manchester and Edinburgh) tour which focuses on the Windows 8 opportunities for developers. These are one day events providing accelerated learning on Windows 8 application development.  More details on the  UK Tech.Days home page. London, Friday...
  • Blog Post: Windows Store is coming in February – will your company have an application in it?

    I posted on App Stores and marketplaces in November to raise awareness amongst UK ISVs of what I think will be a game changer in how consumers and businesses purchase applications for Windows in the future. Since then the Windows … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 and developers

    Post BUILD conference, much has been written about “Windows 8” and the impact of the announced technologies on developers, especially existing .NET developers.  Some of the conclusions people reached in those early days and weeks were quite frankly… a little … Continue reading → ...read...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure sessions from the BUILD conference

    Although the BUILD conference was primarily about Windows 8, there was still a lot of great sessions on Windows Azure. Now… how do we collectively find the time to watch them Overview Getting started with Windows Azure by Brian Prince … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Working with Windows Azure on the Windows Developer Preview of Windows 8

    There is a new Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8. Which is cool. The kit includes templates and samples to start using some of the new features of Windows 8 in your Windows Azure applications – and from a Windows … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Early Windows 8 Resources to sift through

    Last week while I was on holiday in Seville, sipping sangria and enjoying full sun and 37 degrees (actually I was hiding in the shadows), we made a few small announcements at the BUILD conference. Actually we made lots of … Continue reading → ...read more
  • Blog Post: Hello Windows 8… wow!

    My Lenovo W520 (nice machine by the way) now has the Windows 8 Developer Preview running on it. After 30mins of use can I just say … wow! A 4.8 GB Download and setting up boot from VHD got me: … Continue reading → ...read more
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