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Version 1.2 of Open XML Diff Released

Version 1.2 of Open XML Diff Released

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Pranav released another drop of Open XML Diff.  There are a couple of bugs fixed.  Read about Open XML Diff here.  This tool is a developer's friend.  When I'm writing code to generate an Open XML Document, I know how I want the document to render in Word, but am unsure about which element or attribute to tweak.  So I save a copy of a doc, modify it, save it again, and compare the two.  This lets me know what I want to control programmatically.

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  • Cât timp am fost în concediu... Noi resurse pentru dezvoltare: S-a lansat Zermatt beta . Superba stațiune

  • I would like to find out how to compare two xml files

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