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Disaster Recovery Planning for SharePoint

Disaster Recovery Planning for SharePoint

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Companies store mission critical information in SharePoint – this is the information that embodies the collective knowledge of a company.  Prudent and responsible IT professionals will plan for the unexpected with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

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A colleague here just assembled the attached document that nicely summarizes the issues involved, and shows how you can use Microsoft System Center and Microsoft Forefront to deal with:

  • Lost documents
  • Component or server failure
  • Server room outages
  • Site disasters

In particular, I enjoyed the section on virtualization.  Virtualization management enables a network administrator to restore large parts of the SharePoint infrastructure in case of a major failure.

The paper also deals with ensuring the continuity of on-going business using Microsoft Intelligent Application Gateway.

This is a great paper, easy to read, only four pages long.

The paper is attached.

Attachment: SC_SP_DR_datasheet_final2a.docx
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  • Good article.

    Only caveat is that it glosses over document recovery using DPM.  Using DPM to restore documents from a recovery farm requires setting aside a server as large as your production.  Not a granular solution to recovering samll amounts of data.

  • Good point, Kevin - but two different scenarios.

    For the bigger picture of 'Disaster Recovery' -- the whitepaper's architecture is around bringing the entire farm's server(s) back online - and no Recovery Farm is necessary.

    In the case of the farm being untouched and simply desiring an individual document to be restored, yes, a Recovery Farm is neccessary as there is not a suppported way to restore individual documents back into the live farm.  The RF architecture is from SharePoint, not a unique DPM dependency.  :-)

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