December, 2009

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    Accepting Revisions in Open XML WordprocessingML Documents


    Revision tracking markup in Open XML word-processing documents is one of the more complex areas of the standard. If you first accept tracked revisions, it makes subsequent processing of text in word-processing documents much simpler. As an example, in my current project of transforming Open XML word-processing documents to XHtml, before doing the conversion, I accept tracked revisions in an in-memory WordprocessingDocument object. I then transform that in-memory document to XHtml. This means that in my transformation algorithm, I can completely disregard all of the revision tracking elements and attributes, and all of the complexities associated with them. If you want to know in exacting detail how the tracked revision markup works in Open XML, then this post will tell you. It also describes the algorithms in detail for accepting tracked revisions.

    This is one in a series of posts on transforming Open XML WordprocessingML to XHtml.  You can find the complete list of posts here.

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    I've written an MSDN article, Accepting Revisions in Open XML Word-Processing Documents.  That article presents the markup semantics behind the code that I've written to accept tracked revisions for the PowerTools for Open Xml project.  You can find the code under the Downloads tab at

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