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Office & SharePoint PDC slides

Office & SharePoint PDC slides

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I am back at Redmond and before I continue with my after-trip duties, I want to share with you the Office & SharePoint PDC slides:

OFF201 ''Office 12'': Introduction to the Programmable Customization Model for the "Office 12" User Experience (Part 1)
OFF302 ''Office 12'': Developing with the Programmable Customization Model for the "Office 12" User Experience (Part 2)
OFF303 Groove: Building Enterprise Workgroup Applications
OFF304 Assembling, Repurposing and Manipulating Document Content Using the New Office File Format
OFF306 "InfoPath 12": Creating Browser-Based Forms for Enabling Data and Application Integration
OFF307 "Access 12": Developing Collaboration Solutions with "Access 12" and Windows SharePoint Services "v3"
OFF308 Windows SharePoint Services 'v3': Creating and Defining Custom Templates, Sites, Features, and Solutions
OFF310 Windows SharePoint Services: Developing Collaboration and Tracking Applications
OFF311 ''Project Server 12'': Developing Project Management Solutions
OFF312 "Outlook 12": Developing Solutions Using the Consolidated Outlook Object Model
OFF313 Web Content Management Application Development and Engine Extensibility
OFF314 Developing Enterprise Document Solutions Using Office Client and Server Technologies
OFF316 Word “12”: Integrating Business Data into Documents using XML-based Data/View Separation and Programmability
OFF318 Developing Document Archiving, Records Management, and Policy Enforcement Extensions to the Microsoft Office System
OFF319 ''InfoPath 12'': Developing Forms for the Smart Client and the Browser
OFF320 Developing with Microsoft Office System Search Technology
OFF321 Surfacing Your Application's Line-of-Business Data and Actions within Enterprise Portals
OFF322 Building a Solution Using a Spreadsheet in Server-Based Scenarios
OFF323 Building Business Intelligence Solutions Using "Excel 12" and SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services
OFF324 “Visio 12”: Building Data Visualization Solutions
OFF325 Microsoft CRM: Extending and Customizing Microsoft CRM Solutions
OFF405 Windows SharePoint Services: Using ASP.NET 2.0 Technology to Extend Pages, Sites, and Server Farms
OFF409 Windows SharePoint Services: Advancements in Document, Content, and Data Storage
OFF415 Windows SharePoint Services: Developing Custom Workflows
OFF417 Visual Studio Tools for Office 'v3': Creating Office Application Customizations

Have a peek and enjoy!

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  • Watch PDC '05 recorded sessions.
  • None of these links work to view the presentations
  • The slide decks are no longer available. You can watch the videos here:

    PDC '05 slides and videos are about to be removed. They discuss Beta 1 features and we are almost ready for Beta 2, so new content will replace them.
  • The Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006 featured more than 60 breakout sessions organized in eight technical tracks. From the new servers to the OpenXML file formats, to new client user interfaces and extensibility tools, there's a lot
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