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July, 2006

  • Erika Ehrli - Adventures with Office Products & Technologies

    Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006 Videos available on MSDN!


    Ready to go public with our surprise gift for you :).

    When you go to a conference, you always miss some sessions. It's kind of hard to go to all of them, so you get to organize your schedule and pick some. Then you go to a lot of sessions and start learning all this new information, but you wish you could have some kind of outline or pointer to help you remember all this new information. So the session ppt slides are always nice to have. If you couldn't make it to conference, even better!

    Last year when I went to PDC I published in my blog links to all the Office & SharePoint track PPT slides. This blog entry came to be quite successful and people were delighted to find a pointer to the slides. Of course, after some months the slides from PDC are no longer available.

    Now, imagine if instead of finding some plain ppt slides, you could actually watch the session with audio and get to see the demos. I am sure you would be quite pleased. The idea got my mind spinning when I had a chance to attend the Microsoft Office Systems Developers Conference and a team of five people believing you would be delighted to find this recorded sessions on MSDN made it happen. Seems kind of easy, but this was a lot of work since we are publishing more than 3,600 hours of video. We are just stubborn and sure this content is worth all the hard work.

    Office offers a big set of programs, servers, services, tools and technologies that you can integrate to build solutions. The Office System Developers Conference featured more than 60 breakout sessions that cover little pieces of Office development and organized solutions in eight technical tracks. You can find the videos for each track here:

    Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006 Videos:

    The videos are awesome! I am sure you will be very happy to watch them. However, keep in mind the following:

    • The videos are long. Some of them are over 70 minutes, so if you don't have time to watch them online, you can right-click on the title and save them to your hard drive for watching later.
    • These videos are raw unedited footage of the actual conference sessions, so some of them start with some notes about evaluating sessions, shuttles, "shut down your cell phones" and so on.  You will find notes on MSDN clarifying when the actual session begins (only for videos with long intros).

    I hope you have fun watching them and learn more about what's new in Office.


  • Erika Ehrli - Adventures with Office Products & Technologies

    10 News from Office DevLand


    I have been working in all sort of after Beta 2 projects and I couldn’t blog for the last two weeks. I missed my blog! While I was getting other things rolling, I kept a little blog to-do list with some things I wanted to share with you and now ten potential blog entries were turned into a single blog entry that looks more like a newsletter.

    Here goes a list of ten new cool things from Office DevLand that you should not miss.

    1.       New Office Live Channel 9 interview:  This Channel 9 video is great because it shows you what is Office Live and why should developers care. You will be able to watch how it works and how to get it.

    2.       New Office Live Developer Portal: We launched recently a new page on MSDN where we will start to add new content that shows how-to build solutions using Office Live.

    3.       New Office Small Business Accounting blog for developers: Martha  Arellano, who is a Software Design Engineer, started a new blog where she plans to share cool code to build SBA solutions. She wrote a cool blog entry where she shows how-to implement the ISdkAddInDriver interface.

    4.       Outlook 2007 and Getting Things DoneGetting Things Done is a set of best practices and tools used to help you to manage all your tasks/projects,  have drive to results, and be efficient to manage your time. Outlook 2007 contains a set of features that help you practice this methodology and Melissa MacBeth wrote a great blog entry where she explains how-to get started with Getting Things Done in Outlook 2007.

    5.       New Ribbon Extensibility Channel 9 interview: Savraj Dhanjal and Eric Faller talk to Scoble and show you how to write code to extend the Ribbon. Loved this interview!

    6.       What You Need To Know About Using Office As A Development Platform: Great MSDN magazine article written by Andrew Whitechapel and John Peltonen. The article talks about the range of fundamental requirements that make Office a serious development platform.

    7.       Office Business Applications + Office SharePoint Server = LOBI:  LOBI and OBA were announced at Tech Ed this year. If you want to learn more about the business applications you can create using these technologies, read the Building Office Business Applications white paper written by Javed Sikander and visit the new OBA Developer Portal.

    8.       Develop without Borders Challenge:  If you are a passionate developer, want to experiment with Office 2007, and love to help others, register to the Developer Without Borders Challenge.  The goal of this contest is to design an application on the Microsoft 2007 Office system. There are cool prizes, but the best part is that you can help solve a business problem for a charity.

    9.       2007 Office System resources: Here is a list of all the 2007 Office System and new technologies product portals  where you can find the latest articles, code samples, and videos by product:

    ·         Programs

    o   Access 2007

    o   Excel 2007

    o   InfoPath 2007

    o   Outlook 2007

    o   PowerPoint 2007

    o   Project 2007

    o   Small Business Accounting

    o   Word 2007

    ·         Servers

    o   SharePoint Server 2007

    o   Project Server

    ·         Services

    o   Office Live

    ·         Tools & Technologies

    o   Visual Studio Tools for Office

    o   XML in Office 2007

    o   .NET in Office 2007

    o   Office Business Applications

    o   Ribbon

    o   Windows SharePoint Services

    ·         Office Integration

    o   Unified Communications Developer Portal


    You can also download the updated developer help files for the Microsoft 2007 Office System here.

    Office World Cup Tools: I know the World Cup is over, but I could not stop giving a mention to ALX AND1N0 from El Salvador for developing this amazing World Cup Tracker in Excel, this is a great sample of someone who is really passionate of Excel development. He localized the application and used cool macros. Also, check out another cool World Cup tracker application in Access developed by Marteen Van Reek and he also shares the final statistics and images from the World Cup. Very cool!

    Finally,  I have an amazing surprise for all of you: We have been working on publishing something VERY cool, but we have had so much content on our queue for the last months, that we had to wait a little bit to get this live. Sometime very soon, you will find something AMAZING on the MSDN Office Develop Center. I will blog again once we go live, since I am sure you will be delighted!

    See you around,


  • Erika Ehrli - Adventures with Office Products & Technologies

    2007 Office System: Developer Posters


    Have you seen the .NET Framework posters for developers? I love them! There are tons of marketing posters, of course, but the ones I find quite useful are roadmap and object model posters. The roadmap posters organize different technologies in a way that helps you understand how everything works together. Object model posters on the other hand, provide a graphic view of top level namespaces and key objects and are great in-the-wall reference documentation. If you have a bad memory (like me) and you just can’t find a way to memorize methods, properties, and events for each namespace of the .NET framework, you might need one of this posters.

    Office development is a huge story, we have lots of products and inside each product, tons of objects and namespaces. We have been working on three posters that cover some key technologies related to Office development and we published last week the first two posters

    • Developer Map for SharePoint Products and Technologies: It’s hard to place something big as SharePoint on a limited squared space. However, Mike Ammerlan found a great way of doing this and designed a great roadmap that was later transfomed into a poster. For me the value of this poster is that it helps you understand the difference between Windows SharePoint Services "v3" and the new Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.


    I think posters are a great option to help you get started and understand the overall picture of a new technology, they are also good elements for decorating your walls. If you have feedback related to the posters, please let me know. We are still working on the last one, so feedback is quite valuable at this point.



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