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December, 2007

  • Erika Ehrli - Adventures with Office Products & Technologies

    2008 Microsoft Office System Developer Conference (ODC 2008) Update


    The 2008 Microsoft Office System Developer Conference (ODC 2008) is only 9 weeks away and shaping up to be an exciting event that will redefine what Office development is all about!

    ODC at a Glance


    February 10-13, 2008


    San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California


    Developers, Developers, Developers

    (Architects and Executives, too)


    The Office Platform. Clients, servers, services and tools.

    Registration Site


    Event Overview

    ODC 2008 is the premier event for Microsoft Office developers, bringing together architects, developers, industry technical experts, Microsoft insiders, and key partners in a public forum to redefine what it means to be focused on 2007 Microsoft® Office system development.

    We have six keynotes by senior Microsoft executives. Of course, live code and demos will be the order of the day, and we will be presenting hot new sessions that bring together diverse topics, from composition to S+S, SharePoint to VOIP, OOXML to Silverlight, and everything in between!

    We have 5 technical tracks, and 70+ breakout sessions and hands-on labs.  And for the first time ever, we will have an Executive Track where analysts, Microsoft and industry executives will get together to learn the how and why of Office applications and the competitive advantage offered by them.

    Check out our ODC 2008 Blog for what's happening on a daily basis


    General Session Keynote: Microsoft Chairman, William H. Gates

    Additional keynotes by:

    ODC Tracks and Blogs

    ODC tracks are all owned by Office product managers; check out all the latest information on their breakout sessions, code & demos.


    We have 70+ innovative sessions and labs planned. Here's just a sampling:

    • Building Mashups With Office Live Small Business
    • Software+Services Blueprints
    • Integrating VBA Macro and .NET Managed Code
    • Integrating WPF & WCF into Your Office Applications
    • Develop Business Insight with SharePoint 2007
    • Building Composite Business Solutions on the Office Platform
    • BPM Solution Patterns
    • Generating Enterprise Content using InfoPath 2007, SharePoint and Open XML Formats
    • Building Manageable Data Applications on SharePoint with Access 2007
    • Connecting back end iSeries, AS/400 and IBM mainframes to Office
    • Enabling a Better SharePoint Solution SDLC
    • Best Practices in SharePoint Component  Deployment
    • Building IM- and Speech-Based Applications

    And many more! Visit track owner blogs for details. 

    Awards, Contests, Unconference, Attendee party, Game lounge and More!

    Stay tuned for more details

    Join the revolution this February in the heart of Silicon Valley at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, Calif., and help craft the next generation of applications built on the Microsoft Office system.

    Register now @

    Hope to see you there!

  • Erika Ehrli - Adventures with Office Products & Technologies

    Where in the World is all the Office 2003 Developer Content?


    The Office Developer Documentation group has published over 270 articles since the RTM of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. The team has also published 152 downloads, and 153 videos. That is a lot of content! The MSDN Office Developer Center has many portal pages that help promote these content items by product or by content type. It really is challenging to add so much content to a portal! With all that new content, one of the biggest challenges is making sure we keep promoting Office 2003 content.

    Coming from the field, I really understand that lots of companies are still using Office 2003, and as a developer, you may be faced with the need to find Office 2003 developer resources. The MSDN Office Developer Center has multiple Office 2003 resource pages organized by product and by content type. I thought you might enjoy having an interactive site map with links to all Office 2003 content resource centers on MSDN, so I built one for you:

    Office 2003 Technical ArticlesOffice 2003 Code SamplesOffice 2003 SDK and ReferenceOffice 2003 Tools and UtilitiesSharePoint Portal 2003Access 2003 Resource CenterAccess 2003 SupportAccess 2003 Developer ExtensionsExcel 2003 Resource CenterExcel 2003 SupportFrontPage 2003FrontPage 2003 SupportInfoPath 2003 Resource CenterInfoPath 2003 SupportOneNote 2003 Resource CenterOneNote 2003 SupportOutlook 2003 Resource CenterOutlook 2003 SupportPowerPoint 2003 Resource CenterPowerPoint 2003 SupportPublisher 2003 Resource CenterPublisher 2003 SupportVisio 2003 Resource CenterVisio 2003 SupportWord 2003 Resource CenterWord 2003 Support

    I almost forget about Project 2003! Here are the links:

    Speaking of interactive maps, you should check out the new interactive map with free Christmas images build by the Office Online Clip Art team.

    Another cool blog to check out is the new Microsoft SharePoint Developer Documentation team blog.


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