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Windows Phone app development and ASP.NET development

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  • Blog Post: ASP.NET Controls in Silverlight 3

    This post provides quick steps to use the ASP.NET controls for Silverlight with Silverlight 3. (This information relates to Silverlight 3 and ASP.NET) The two ASP.NET Controls for Silverlight (the MediaPlayer control and the Silverlight control) were removed from the Silverlight 3 SDK. There are...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight - Maintaining Video Timeline Position Between Posts

    This post shows how to persist the timeline position of a Silverlight video between postbacks. (This information relates to Silverlight 2, ASP.NET and JavaScript) Are you familiar with the Silverlight MediaPlayer ? It allows you to easily play a video in a Web page. I was thinking it would be nice...
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