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  • Blog Post: The Middle Out approach to SOA

    Microsoft has its own approach to implementing SOA. Termed as the middle out approach, the basics behind it is to provide a balance between the Top down (too much design) and the bottom up (scattered implementations). It suggests that an organization starts off with a small portion of the business and...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft is Service Oriented!!: An analogy

    Ok let's think about it , Microsoft is a software company which provides a huge set of products to solve various business problems, each product is complete by itself but can also be used in conjunction with other products in a loosely coupled manner. (e.g. Biztalk Server and WCF) . To solve business...
  • Blog Post: SO Terminology

    Some common confusions (terms :)) with respect to SO Business Process It consists of a sequence of activities that produce a valuable result. Business Activities Business activities or tasks are the units that when combined form the business process, Cost, revenue, resources, timelines, input...
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