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  • Blog Post: Unit testing SharePoint solutions using Pex

    Peli provides a good overview on how you can use Pex Moles to unit test SharePoint applications by mocking away the SharePoint API calls.
  • Blog Post: Moles - Pex detour Framework

    Moles is a lightweight mocking framework that provides a mechanism to stub non-virtual methods Static methods, methods in sealed types, constructors Moles is Delegate based, it provides hooks for the developer to provide their own mock implementation for any dependencies. No code refactoring...
  • Blog Post: Unit Test v/s PUT

    A unit test is a method without parameters that represents a test case and typically executes a method of a class-under-test with fixed inputs and verifies that it returns the expected result. A parameterized unit test (PUT) is simply a method that takes parameters, calls the code under test, and...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Pex

    Pex goal is to automatically and systematically produce the minimal set of actual parameters needed to execute a finite number of finite paths. It automatically produces a small test suite with high code and assertion coverage. It has been leveraged by the .NET team at Microsoft for Unit Testing core...
  • Blog Post: Benefits of Unit Testing

    Some of the key benefits of Unit Testing include:  Trusted Code : Unit Testing is the best mechanism that a developer can use to make its code rock solid, by creating unit tests for all possible paths in a method the developer can ensure that it will not break for any valid inputs and will handle...
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