The second CTP of ESB Guidance 2.0 is available on CodePlex here. This second community release has the following additions to CTP1 release:

  • UDDI 3.0 Resolver & UDDI 3.0 categorization schemas – this is new feature that provides improved UDDI3 support and allows endpoint search by category keys.
  • LDAP Resolver & Resolver extender – this is new feature that allows new type of resolution via LDAP
  • WCF-Custom Adapter Provider – provides ability to configure custom WCF adapters, see new sample SQL LOB Adapter for more details
  • SMTP Adapter Provider
  • Itinerary exporters are now decoupled from the designer and can be configured via model properties - this change adds extensibility for other itinerary export options in addition to existing export to a file or SQL database.
  • Resolvers can be executed from design surface – this feature allows verifying resolver configuration while itinerary is being designed against UDDI3 or BRE settings deployed on target environment.
  • Management portal chart controls are migrated to Microsoft Chart Controls for .NET Framework 3.5

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions regarding ESB Guidance 2.0 features via CodePlex community site