Supercomputing 07

Supercomputing 07

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Was at Supercomputing last week - overall the event went really well.  There was also a few announcements from the HPC team - the big one being the name and beta availability of Windows HPC Server 2008 and the new banners.


Attended part of the Manycore and Multicore Computing: Architectures, Applications And Directions Workshop, which had a packed house - I'm guessing due to both the topic as well as the stellar list of speakers.


In the Microsoft booth at SC - our collaborators from UCSD and Oxford had a optiputer demo featuring a large multi-tile display showing HD Streams of researchers at Oxford using a microscope at UCSD and analyzing the results on a a HPC Cluster at Oxford - all while collaborating using the display.


091 One highlights of the event - was an international man of mystery giving out awards to the HPC institutes..097

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