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  • Blog Post: Reset Outlook connections without restart

    This is a well hidden trick in Outlook. Not sure why this needs to be hidden. You can open Connection Status window by holding CTRL + right-clicking on the Outlook system tray icon on the Task Bar. I want to highlight a couple features: * Reset all connections by clicking on Reconnect . It helps resolve...
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2007 RPC interfaces are locked down

    Exchange 2007 RPC interfaces have retired support of various legacy RPC bindings, including AppleTalk, SPX and Banyan Vines. This exemplifies the philosophy of reducing attack surface area in the design of Exchange 2007.
  • Blog Post: Distribution List is more locked down in Exchange 2007 to reduce spam

    Distribution list is used for grouping users together, and emails can be sent to all members belonging to a DL. In Exchange 2003, the default setting is that a DL accepts emails from any email addresses. It can be configured to reject external email addresses and even internal addresses. However, most...
  • Blog Post: Why do browsers show cert warnings for Outlook Web Access 2007 by default?

    You may wonder why OWA 2007 show cert warnings by default on most browsers. At the back of your mind, Microsoft has talked so much about trustworthy computing, and they must still do not get security. Exchange team has gone back and forth on this issue many times. It is related to giving more security...
  • Blog Post: To configure and test IP block list from for Exchange 2007

    Set-IPBlockListProvider -Name "Spamhaus Example" -Identity -AnyMatch:$true If you want to test your setup, you can send an email to from your Exchange 2007 server on which IP block list is configured. If you want more information, you can visit http...
  • Blog Post: Don't believe that anti-spam is disabled

    After setting up Exchange 2007 Edge and Hub, you can verify their configuration via get-TransportServer. On Edge and Hub, two anti-spam settings are important. You can use "get-TransportServer | fl name, anti*" to show the status of anti-spam related properties. Assuming that you have 1 Edge and...
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