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  • Blog Post: Primer to EntityConnectionStringBuilder

    Following the spirit of Primer to ConnectionStringBuilder from ADO.NET 2.0, let’s see how the pattern has evolved in Entity Framework. Building an Entity Connection String from Scratch What’s important to keep in mind before we dive into code samples, is that an entity connection string consists...
  • Blog Post: How to Get the Native SQL from an EntityCommand

    With the Beta 3 release, Entity Framework is introducing an easy way to get the native SQL from an EntityCommand. There was public API to get to the native SQL, but the pattern was too obscure, and I don’t want to go into detail. Let’s discuss the new one, instead. It’s a single method directly exposed...
  • Blog Post: How to Parse an EntityDataReader

    2007.12.18 : Please accept my apologies – today I discovered (and fixed) two bugs in the parsing code. One is a silly error. The other is that collections should be treated as primitive types and refs with regard to the number of fields. The code bellow includes the changes. 2007.12.04 : Last week...
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