• esthetique

    Cosmopolitan Chart Tooltip bug fix

    Here's a quick fix for your xaml style to ensure you don't get the "invisible foreground" tooltip text for your Chart DataPoint styles in the Cosmo theme. The problem currently looks something like this: To fix this, all you need to do is to...
  • esthetique

    Theme demo : Silverlight TV episode 42

    Recently we just wrapped up a series of demos and talks on customizing the new Silverlight 4 themes and project templates to make your own unique and tailored design solutions. Here is a brief overview of the content demo'd in the first of these series...
  • esthetique

    Introducing the new Silverlight 4 themes

    6 .10.2010 The Silverlight team has just come out with some great new themes! Here’s a brief rundown to give you a sense of what’s new and fresh, and some tips that will help you get started. COSMOPOLITAN ...
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