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  • Blog Post: MSDN Architecture Center adds new Software + Services Section

    Software + Services (S+S) is a major initiative at Microsoft. S+S, as opposed to the more limited concept of SaaS, is all about combinations of local software and remote services interacting with one another. Local software leveraging remote services can create a better overall experience than either...
  • Blog Post: Commerical Content Delivery is not a "Gimme"

    Recently I seem to have been involved in multiple ongoing discussions that revolve around the impact of greater than 100 Megabits per second wireless data service (via 4G / Long Term Evolution (LTE)) and the apparently increasing ease of creating rich digital media experiences. All of sudden there is...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft the Service Provider

    Last week, the TeleManagement Forum ( ) held its Management World Americas event in Dallas, TX. Walking through the exhibit areas and reviewing the two Catalyst Projects that Microsoft contributed to, I began to think about how Microsoft has evolved into a Service Provider over the past...
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