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Babylon.Toolkit update 1.0.2


Babylon.Toolkit update 1.0.2

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A new update for Babylon.Toolkit was deployed.

It includes:

  • StatesManager class : A class that allows developers to affect GraphicsDevice’s states without creating individual objects. A cache system handles duplicates and provides great performances when setting states
  • Peformances updates
    • Effect class now tracks active shaders in order to not reset them when it’s not required
    • Model now has a central vertex and index buffers repository. In the previous version, each ModelMesh had its own buffers. The performance gain is about 15% for a standard model with more than 15 meshes.
  • BasicEffect now support bump and specular maps
  • ModelMesh is now a generic class of T where T is VertexType of the mesh

You can download the latest version of Babylon.Toolkit here:

And the NuGet package :


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