Babylon.Toolkit 1.0.4 was just released with the following features:

  • New Effects
    • BasicEffect3Lights (3 directionals lights instead of 1 position light)
    • CartoonEffect (work in progress)
    • SkinnedEffect (with normal and specular map support)
    • SplattingEffect (for multi-texturing with smooth and precise transitions)
    • VertexColorEffect (very light for non textured meshes)
  • Improved Effects
    • Effects with normal map support now have an "InvertBinormal" property (some tools generate normal maps with binormal pointing upward and others pointing downward)
  • Particle System
    • Basic particle rendering system with basic physics computed on GPU
  • Primitives
    • Facility tools for creating cubes and spheres
  • Modified model system to allow third party tools to create Model / Mesh / MeshPart without using ModelContent hierarchy.
  • Bug fixes

You can grab it at or you can use NuGet at : Babylon.Toolkit.

Note about samples:
In order to run samples, you need to configure Visual Studio to run them as an "Out-of-browser application". in order to do that, go to the property page of a sample project, go to the Debug tab, and check the "Out-of-browser application" radio button.