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Silverlight 5 is out!


Silverlight 5 is out!

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It’s a really big pleasure for me to announce that Silverlight 5 is finally available:


The Silverlight 5 Toolkit was also updated to support the RTM: 

And don’t forget to have a look to my blog about all the new features of the toolkit:


And of course, Babylon was updated for the RTM too:


For all the downloads and the features list, please go to:'s-new-in-silverlight-5

Security and 3D

First of all, please read this article:

By the way, you may experience security errors with Silverlight 5 RTM when you want to use the wonderful new 3D feature. In fact, some graphics drivers may allow malicious code to execute. That may lead to an unwanted hard reset or a blue screen.

Starting with the beta version, to protect users for this kind of trouble, we initiate a first scenario where all Windows XP Display Driver Model (XPDM) drivers on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 will be blocked by default. Permission will be granted automatically in elevated trust scenarios and Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) drivers will not require user consent at run-time.

But as always, features, including security features, continue to be refined and added during post-beta development.

And for the RTM version, there were a number of approaches considered to further improve security and stability, but the solution to block 3D in partial trust by default was the best option for this release. Permission is still granted automatically in elevated trust scenarios.

To grant 3D permissions, you just have to right click on your Silverlight plugin, go to the Permissions tab and allow your application:



You can of course help your users detect and understand this by using the following code in order to tailor an good user experience:

  1. if (GraphicsDeviceManager.Current.RenderMode != RenderMode.Hardware)
  2. {
  3.     switch (GraphicsDeviceManager.Current.RenderModeReason)
  4.     {
  5.         case RenderModeReason.GPUAccelerationDisabled:
  6.             throw new Exception(Strings.NoGPUAcceleration);
  7.         case RenderModeReason.SecurityBlocked:
  8.             throw new Exception(Strings.HardwareAccelerationBlockedBySecurityReason);
  9.         case RenderModeReason.Not3DCapable:
  10.             throw new Exception(Strings.HardwareAccelerationNotAvailable);
  11.         case RenderModeReason.TemporarilyUnavailable:
  12.             throw new Exception(Strings.HardwareAccelerationNotAvailable);
  13.     }
  14. }

It is really important to explain your users why the 3D is deactivated. As there is a potential security hole, it is their responsibility to allow 3D experience.

Support and lifecyle

The support status for Silverlight is now updated for SL5:

Here is the extract for Silverlight 5:

“Silverlight 5 – Microsoft will provide assisted and unassisted no charge support for customers using versions of Silverlight 5. Paid support options are available to customers requiring support with issues beyond install and upgrade issues. Microsoft will continue to ship updates to the Silverlight 5 runtime or Silverlight 5 SDK, including updates for security vulnerabilities as determined by the MSRC. Developers using the Silverlight 5 development tools and developing applications for Silverlight 5 can use paid assisted-support options to receive development support.

Silverlight 5 will support the browser versions listed on this page through 10/12/2021, or though the support lifecycle of the underlying browsers, whichever is shorter. As browsers evolve, the support page will be updated to reflect levels of compatibility with newer browser versions.”

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  • The release is good news, but I am under the impression that there is a bad news too:

    Are we definitly stuck with shader model 2 and its 64 instructions? I had hoped we could have used shader 3 under full trust...

  • Those 3D restrictions cripples the feature. Here's why:

  • @Laere: SL5 only supports SM 2.0 :(

  • Thanks David for all these explanations about security with Silverlight 5 RTM.

    How can I get my application to appear under the permissions tab? The list is empty :(

  • Hello Gwena, your application will appear if you use 3D features

  • It uses 3D features... I work on the Theia project by Stereograph.

  • Humm..Are you using full trust mode? In this case 3D is automaticaly activated

  • I sent you an email.

  • Hi David, we're running into the same issue that Gwena described.  Any leads on this?  (Short version: we're using SL3D and everything was golden up until RTM.  Our app does not appear in the list.)

    We're on the cusp of throwing everything away now and moving to Flash for 3D support and I'm certain we're not alone.  :(

  • Block 3D in partial trust was a bad decision, making this unusable for most web games.

  • Hi Horeaper,

    please double check that you are catching exception. As 3D is now blocked, your code must catch exception during initialization. If you don't do that, your application won't be visible in the permissions tab

  • horeaper: 14 Dec 2011 5:48 PM

    Block 3D in partial trust was a bad decision, making this unusable for most web games.

    I agree with you~ if Flash or U3d does it?

  • Any news on the blocked 3d content in partial trust?

    So many ways to improve this feature; Blacklist / whitelist drivers, add a simple security dialog, sign the application with a certificate, etc.

    Please improver this!

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