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WorldMonger is on the Windows 8 Store !!!!!!!


WorldMonger is on the Windows 8 Store !!!!!!!

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I’m thrilled to announce that WorldMonger, the game we developed with some friends of mine is available on the Windows 8 store:


WorldMonger is a god game where you will learn how to create a stable ecosystem. You will use huge powers to model the world and control the DNA of grass, rabbits and foxes in order to establish a peaceful place Sourire

You can challenge your friends and become the best god ever!!

Feel free to also discover the integrated Island Factory to create your own island!

Credits for WorldMonger:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Eric Mittelette
  • Web Site and Back end: Pierre Lagarde
  • Graphics, UI and 3D models: Michel Rousseau
  • Game and Level Design: Ludovic Wagner
  • Music: David Rousset
  • Game Logic and 3D Engine: David Catuhe



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  • Ca tue :-) DPE roxxxxx!!

  • Excellent !

    Tu as utilisé quel langage de programmation ?

  • C'est du C#+DirectX (via SharpDX)

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