This year as always was another year at TechEd when I once more had my belief that Software/IT is as much art as science.

Some of the booths looked really impressive(racing cars, rock climbing walls, canoes, parrot hats,…) some of the giveaways and also competition winners(someone managed to perform 300k steps with their pedometer(s) to win, got the feeling someone discovered a glitch in the pedometer…).

From my very first year at Tech Ed the Jam Night(s) have been the event that reinforced this belief the most. This year for the first time I did not manage to make it to one of these events. Luckily for me a bunch of folks with video cameras did!

Frank gave me a clip to host for him, it was so good I trimmed it down and put it here as well, its a great clip, even if you are an Eagles fan!