Microsoft is sponsoring Borlands annual conference again and I have been asked to do a session of SQL Server 2005 for developers.

I’ve covered a variety of stuff in the past on the topic. So I will open up for ideas. Anything that uses .Net 2.0 can be a little challenging as I by default borlands ide does not support it but there is a workaround, so I might do some stuff in C# as well as Delphi and T-SQL this year.

Some ideas I had;

XML (Server and Client),



New LOB types,

Service Broker,

Reporting Services,

Integration Services,

SQL Native Client


You’ll note that I have not mentioned SQLCLR in the list, I’ve covered it for the last 2 years and Danny Thorpe and I did a keynote demo last year of it and also http endpoints so lots of folks saw that, I can do it if folks are really desperate.