Just because we have shipped and launched (well in some of the world) SQL Server 2005 RTM does not mean we stop improving the system and working on benchmarks. The SP1 benchmark window has opened up so the first of the new marks have been published.

First up is a TPC-C with 64 way Itanium 2 on HP Superdome

Next we have TPC-C with 16 way x64 on IBM eServer XSeries

Its truly amazing how far the software and hardware has come in the last few years, the first SQL Server benchmark I remember was a scale out (clustered) using SQL Server 2000 and achieved 225,000 as a transaction count ( I still have the plaque we all got after the result), and using 96 procs. Assuming linear scale(which is not really valid for anything except a blog entry) that number could be achieved with just over 7 procs from the IBM box, a little over 5 years later.

More to come in the next few months.


Updates: The number of procs was 96, not 92 (they were Xeon 550s if you are interested), also turned into english the sentence about the plaque, from whatever language I originally wrote it in.