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April, 2006

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My Name is Euan Garden, I am currently an Architect on Visual Studio Team System (I was previously the Group Program Manager for Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers), prior to this position I worked extensively as a member of the SQL Server Product Team undertaking the following roles; Program Manager for DTS, Product Unit Manager for SQL Tools, Group Program Manager on the SQL Server Strategy and Architecture Team.

Prior to joining Microsoft I worked in a series of Software Engineering positions in the UK. I hold a Bsc in Computer Science from the The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland (my home town).

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    FAQ: Will there be a single/inline image of SQL Server 2005 + SP1?

    (First in another new category of posts, taking questions I get in mail, in blog comments and from our internal support alias's and posting them back out again) With the exception of express the answer is currently no, let me explain a little. Historically...
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    April/SP1 BOL Update Available, online and download

    The frequent updates mantra continues. April BOL is online and integrated into the online MSDN library Downloadable here .
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    SQL Server 2005 SP1, Its here!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is quite the service pack.... Database Mirroring is now supported in production, the extra feedback we got from our Technology Adoption Program Partners has allowed us to provide an even better solution. SQL Server Management Studio - Express...
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    More SQL Team Blogging

    Looks like this blogging thing is really taking off for members of the Dev team. The programmablity team is responsible for the T-SQL Language, XML Extensions, SQLCLR and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out Also our samples team has just started...
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    Report Packs Update

    One of the cool things about reporitng services is how easy it is to grab a bunch of reports and deploy them, now of course they need data as the source and thats the hard part. We've just updated the report packs for SQL Server 2005
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    SQL Server Everywhere Edition, FAQ

    Steve Lasker has a great FAQ on SQL Server Everywhere Edition, it seems like there is a little confusion out there and some FUD (a sign that its a cool idea methinks). As it was Steves team that help drive some of thinking it should be a good place...
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    Paul Flessner on Microsoft's Data Vision

    Paul (SVP for Data and Storage at Microsoft) Flessner is talking today in SF about our vision for the future of Data. You'll see press reports and other information on the briefing appearing over the next few days, its exciting stuff, here are some of...
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    Lots of new SQL Server Blogging

    SQL Server Relational Engine Management Team SQL Server Database Engine Query Optimizer Team Bobs Reporting Services Info Chris Hays Reporting Services Sleazy Hacks Will add all of these to the blog roll later today
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