March, 2009

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My name is Eugene Zakhareyev, and I am currently working at Windows internal tools team in Microsoft. In the past I was a consultant at large and Team System MVP, and the past still shapes my current interests.

  • Eugene Zakhareyev @ MSDN

    TFS Administrator chores – dealing with the space offender

    These are the days of cheap storage - but even the cheap storage may run out. And running Team Foundation Server storing artifacts in its (multiple) databases may use up your space rack faster than you might have expected (and if you want to know what...
  • Eugene Zakhareyev @ MSDN

    Numero uno

    Hello everyone, My name is Eugene Zakhareyev, and currently I am working for Microsoft (duh?). In my non-Microsoft past I used to be software development consultant and Team System MVP. My professional interests touch upon Visual Studio Team System...
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