We are very pleased to announce the release of the Composite UI Application Block Release Candidate for Visual Basic.NET to the Community.

We know many of you were already developing solutions in Visual Basic.NET on top of CAB. That is a supported use case, but we also knew many of you actually preferred the block in Visual Basic too. So here it is.

The Visual Basic CAB is 100% functionally equivalent to the C# one; and we have included the same content too: documentation, QuickStarts, tests (in NUnit and VSTS), etc. Actually, we are cross testing the block using both sets of tests (VB against C# and vice-versa).

This is a release candidate and you probably noticed we required a few extra days from the original plan, but again, quality is very high in our priorities and we wanted to post what we considered a usable version.

Now we are heading straight for the final release on early December. What to expect:

  • Bug fixes on the Visual Basic.NET version
  • Repackaging for final publication on MSDN (the C# and the Visual Basic.NET versions of the CAB will remain a different downloads)
  • Publication of the Hands-on-labs and other collateral like introduction PPTs, etc.

As usual, please do keep sending the excellent feedback.