Today, in his keynote, Ray Ozzie announced a new "cloud service" available from Microsoft: SQL Server Data Services (code name: Stika). It's a good that he announced it, because now I'm out of quarantine and I can talk about it :-).

For the last 2 months I've been working very closely with the SSDS team, understanding and exploring how their technology can be applied in the context of the work we do: (business) software delivered as a service. I've been playing the role of an ISV designing and creating solutions using SSDS. My playground has been, of course, LitwareHR: our reference application for and S+S app.

LitwareHR today looks like this:


LitwareHR on SSDS, looks like this:


Same client experiences (Web Client, Rich Client, APIs), same business logic exposed through WCF, completely new storage.

My team's job was to redesign Litware's (multi-tenant) data access layer to use SSDS, adapting it to the new application model. It's been a great and fun exercise, with lots of learning. 

If you are attending MIX08, Nigel Ellis (one of SSDS architects) will be delivering a session on SSDS on Thursday 6th at 8:30am in the Delfino 4005 Room, and guess what: one of his demos is Litware!

(Session recording as well as slides will be available within 24 hours at

Ryan Dunn has more details on the beta program for the service: 

I'll be in Belgium (TechDays) and Hungary in the following weeks, and I plan to share and show more details there.

I will also post more details of LitwareHR on SSDS as I find the time to do so. Lot's of flying ahead of me, and great thing than Windows Live Writer works offline ;-). The beauty of Software and Services.