We want to know about your success! Share your story with us and get a signed book and a few little surprises from patterns & practices.



Just send me a short e-mail (eugeniop AT microsoft.com) with the following information:

  1. e-mail subject: “My Claims Guide Story”.
  2. Who you are.
  3. A short paragraph about your project.
  4. A short paragraph describing how was the guide useful to you. (e.g. the scenario that most closely resembled yours, things you re-used, sections you found valuable, etc).
  5. Your mailing address (your physical address you want the book to be sent).

The fine print:

- Approved uses of the guide: you must have read it (sections are fine) and applied it on an identity project of some kind. A story like “I’ve used the book to level the monitor because it had the perfect thickness” doesn’t qualify.

- There’s no minimum (or maximum) length to your story, but please share something significant (significant != long). For example: “I used it in a project about identity and it was great”, won’t make it.

- This is not limited to US based customers. This is open to anyone, anywhere in the world!

- I have budget for 20 books (and 20 little surprises). First come, first served.