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  • Blog Post: RIA Services and WIF – Part II

    As promised in my previous post , here’s the second part of my findings playing with WIF and RIA Services beta. This time, I used the HRApp sample available here . The initial steps are essentially the same I described before: 1- Installed the sample and make sure it runs 2- Ran “ FedUtil ” which: a...
  • Blog Post: Updated RIA and WIF samples – Part I

    Some time ago, I put together a simple demo integrating WIF in RIA Services. Now RIA is a Beta and there’s a lot of cool stuff in there. The good news from an identity perspective is that it just works :-). I’ve been playing a little bit with a couple of new samples and with the previous (updated) HRApp...
  • Blog Post: RIA Services and Windows Identity Foundation – Claims enabling a RIA application

    Recently a Customer asked me if an application using RIA Services could use WIF. I’m fairly new to RIA Services so I didn’t know the answer right away, however I suspected the integration should not be too hard, so I spend a couple of days spiking a solution. The good news: it just works!     ...
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