First Loren wants a Tablet only conference and then Peter shoots it down since it would really be a Notebook conference.  I actually like the idea of a Tablet conference, but think that there wouldn't necessarily ever be a dedicated conference for Tablets in general -- but believe me I have no inside knowledge on this, just a gut feeling.  However I could believe that there might be value in having mini-conferences (e.g. a workshop) for things like developing recognition engines or maybe on building effective interfaces for the pen.

Remember I'm in no position to actually make this dream come true, but I'd be interested in hearing what people actually would want if a Tablet Conference did exist?  What would you want to learn about?  What would make it worth your while to attend?

Okay I'm interested in knowing above, but what I really want to know is what would make a conference about Mobility (i.e. Laptops including Tablets) valuable?  Where are the areas that you feel like you don't know about?  What are the topics that you think make it hard to use a Mobile PC or would make a Mobile PC more useful?