On the advice of everyone out there I installed www.newsgator.com to use for posting and reading my news even though I had been using www.intravnews.com. Well now I’m in a quandary since many of the news sites that I read only appear to post the top line of the story and in newsgator that’s all I get.  But when I use intravnews, I get the top-line above followed by the entire HTML of the page as if it had been stripped off by the browser.  So in that fashion I could read the entire article w/ a bit of scrolling.  Granted it’s not the most usable way to do it, but it saves clicking on a link and then having to wait for the page to render to read it in the browser.

So what am I to do now?  Unless I missed a configuration option for newsgator, I guess I’m going to uninstall it.  So now I’m back to where I was in that I want an offline client for publishing to a .text blog.  Otherwise I’d have both newsgator and intravnews both of which appear to use quite a bit of system resources and sometime appear to make Outlook slow down greatly.  Anyone have some new choices?

I do hear that Blogger has lots of cool tools and utilities supposedly to make this simple.  There was even an article today in the NYT personal technology section (speaking of timing).

So for those who have far more experience than I, how do I have my cake and eat it too?