I’ve been thinking a lot lately about these very small form factor PCs.  Things like the Sony U70 (available for purchase at Dynamism – can I get a cut?) or others like the OQO (there was a C|Net video on them a few weeks ago) and the Vulcan Flipstart are this whole new breed of devices that have some of the people I know – admitted gadget freaks running around in a lather.  I got a chance to play with the U70 a couple of days ago and the gadget freak in me was thinking this was pretty cool even if the whole interface was in Japanese and I couldn’t read half of it, but for the life of me I don’t know why I’d want to spend the $$ to buy one personally.  I could use that money for a whole bunch of things like saving for my daughter’s college education which I haven’t done enough of or even taking a nice vacation.

So to tie back in the thread I started on the raison de etre’ (the reason of being) for the Tablet PC, what’s the reason for being for these very small form factor devices?  I don’t really want to know why you’d want to buy one, but rather what do you think you’d do with one and what tasks would the general public or specific personas do with one of these that uniquely provided value to that person (enough value to compensate for the cost and the limitations of the device)?

And just for a disclaimer, I happen to use the JVC Interlink as my one and only computer.  Shocked that I’m not using a Tablet?  I actually have several available to me, but right now I’ve been using a mini or sub-notebook as my primary pc to get a different perspective on mobility.  So I am aware of using a smaller form factor PC, but the ones that I’ve mentioned above are at least an order of magnitude smaller.

So what do you all think?