I was going to blog about the SpaceShipOne but everyone else in the world has already talked about it.   I was also going to mention that I had worked at NASA previously with Astronauts, ran an experiment in space and got to experience the thrills of the Vomit Comet (KC-135) which gives you lots of free fall opportunities to practice and refine your experiments for space.  But that just didn’t seem all that thrilling

Then I thought about an update to my Starwood saga – which the comments are correct, they’re right, I’m wrong, just frustrated over them having a bad system.

And then finally after lots of different attempts, I got my REX 6000 working again and realized that while it was cool in it’s day, my phone does a better job than the REX did to some extent, except for the fact that I can’t ever get my phone to sync with my machine.  C’est la vie

Other than that I had a great Father’s day, spent time with the girls and even ran a 1 mile race with my 5 year old.  She came in second in her age bracket!  Congrats!