July, 2004

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    Getting machines up to par

    I promised I was going to write about moving a product from niche to mainstream, but the experience at my in-laws was just an interesting (frustrating?) enough that I had to blog about it. My in-laws live under some odd budgetary constraints. They...
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    Enough is enough or the world isn't enough?

    Or maybe it's eight is enough or 58 billion is enough? :-) In a recent thread which was really aimed at one or two particular people out there, but I figured I'd make the conversation public and put it out for all to read :-) I suggested that rather...
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    Tablet writing programs for kids?

    On an entirely different topic… my eldest daughter is entering in Kindergarten this year and while she’s definitely ready for it from a social perspective, she really doesn’t have a good grasp on writing letter forms. In looking at...
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    Tablet Evangelist?

    I think some people out there assume that I'm a Tablet Evangelist for Microsoft. After all, I was one of the founding members of the Tablet team, I've written about the Field Trials, I've given some insight into the tablet, and my name starts and is completely...
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    Field Trials Part 3.1

    No this isn't a Windows versioning scheme :-) Rather I'm using this opportunity to answer some questions: Lora writes: Did they go back and field test the revised Journal? Yes. Next Question. How much did the concurrent changes in the industry...
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    Field Trials -- Part 3

    Car ride home Charlton Lui was the development manager for the Tablet PC at the time that we did the major field trials. Charlton is a great guy full of a lot of energy and a way of rallying the troops to get things done. It’s probably his really...
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    Tablet Field Trials Part 2

    Process As mentioned in the previous post, we had plenty of processes around the users in terms of understanding absolutely everything and anything that we could about how they used technology, how they took notes, what they did in meetings and back...
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    Been busy...

    I’ve been meaning to post to lots of replies to some of the things on here, but been wrapped up with packing my office for my office move a couple of doors and one floor down. In addition I’ve been taking advantage of the fact of having a...
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