I think some people out there assume that I'm a Tablet Evangelist for Microsoft.  After all, I was one of the founding members of the Tablet team, I've written about the Field Trials, I've given some insight into the tablet, and my name starts and is completely contained in the word evangelist.  But all that said, I'm just an ordinary guy blogging in his free time on subjects that are near and dear to my heart.  My blog is not a reflection of Microsoft or it's opinions (and all that legal jazz).  No one at work is asking me to blog, though I have been asked not to blog (and asked why I would do such a thing in general).  My performance review (which is coming up) is in no way tied to me blogging and who knows I might actually get a slightly worse review due to blogging.  I'm not part of the Tablet PC team (though sit close organizationally).  I also mentioned in a previous post that my primary machine isn't even a tablet and I alluded to the fact that I don't necessarily use one on a regularly basis currently.

If that makes me an evangelist, I'd have to say that I'm not a particularly good one or even a model for others out there!  Okay but here's the real deal, several people have complained (or maybe it's just one) about the fact that the Tablet team doesn't have an evangelist or doesn't spend the time to evangelize on-line in forums or blogging etc.  That all the Microsoft blogs related to tablets that are “relevant“ (I guess I'm not relevant) are relatively stale.  That some of the MVPs out there are getting tired of the Tablet gig.  That some of the influential community members are ready to call it quits.  That the community in general doesn't feel much love from the Tablet team.  That the power toys are a joke...  and it goes on and on..

Cards on the table (or maybe tablet), I have no real insight into the overall plans of the Tablet team to address this or any issues, but I'm pretty sure that the overall resources available to address any of these is either non-existence or in high demand for other activities.  So if I told you that there was say “no money“ and “very little time“ available, what would you want of the Tablet team?  I know at least a couple of them read my blog, so why not post your reasonable desires here for building or injecting some more life into the community and maybe someone will do something about it?

I can't and won't promise anything, because as I've said, I'm not an official tablet evangelist (and personally I don't think I'm really one unofficially), so why not start a constructive conversation about “user/community needs” and see where it goes?