In my previous post, Chris asks why not put this one of a kind Compaq prototype in the display case of all the tablets that is in the building where the tablet team is located.   I'll see if I can find a picture of that display case that I can link off to since I can't easily post images here, but it's not as easy as it sounds...  Basically there is a glass show case in the lobby of our building (which incidentally is getting plastered with Halloween decorations, but that's a different story) where there are many old Tablets, webpads and other misc hardware that helped to inspire us and let us test out our ideas.  The funny thing is that many of the Tablets that we wanted to put into the display case don't fit.  The problem is that the glass shelves are of a fixed height and most of the tablets that are primarily designed for a portrait orientation are too tall for the shelves.  At one time we had some in there positioned in landscape, but it just looked goofy with a few of them on their sides.  So until someone donates a better display case, we'll all have to just hold on to our memories :-)