So in my quest to have time on every small form factor machine out there and to figure out what the real end value is behind these devices, I did order an OQO.  Appears it's somewhat backordered, as they got more orders than they expected -- which is either good news for them or that they produced a very small number to begin with and anything over that is more than they expected :-)  Needless to say, I found JK's comments on what he's been seeing relative to this machine troubling.  Particularly the comment about the digitizer.  Getting these things to work well is tricky - all kinds of little things interfere with the accuracy of the electro-magnetic digitizer and if you look at the edges on any Tablet PC, you're bound to find a spot or two (or more) where the calibration is just off and you can't do much with it.   What worries me here is that since the device is so small, there's only a very limited amount of space that a "human" can target and that will often be close to the edge on a device like this.  Thus this would severely limit the overall usefulness of the digitizer itself.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see when I get mine.