I know almost everyone out there who will read this blog has more than 1 computer at their disposal already, so what I really want to know is if you were to give an additional computer to your brother, sister, mom, dad, great aunt Sally, or whomever who only has a single PC today, what would you want them to experience?  That is to say, if you were to give them the computer what would you want them to get out of having this second computer that they don't get out of having the original computer that they already have.   And if you were to do this, I want to know more than "it's a better computer" than the old one (in that you want to replace the old one with the new one) rather what benefit if any would there be to having these multiple computers for this particular person.  Place yourself in their shoes, not your own, of course you want one machine to develop on, one machine to play on, one machine to experiment on, one machine to ...., but does your great aunt Sally?