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    Exchange Web Services Push Notifications Simplified

    Using Exchange Web Services push notifications just got a lot easier, thanks to Exchange Server MVP Henning Krause . Henning has created a notification listener project on CodePlex . The listener application handles Exchange Web Services push notifications...
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    The December SDK is Here!

    I am happy to announce that the December 2008 release of the Exchange Server 2007 SP1 SDK is available. And now, a Haiku for you. Released new content. Updated topics for you. Go get the goods here .
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    MAPI documentation moved to Office

    Just a quick note to all you fans of MAPI out there. Based on some discussions we had a while ago, the folks in Office have been putting a LOT of time and effort into improving the MAPI material, and bringing it up-to-date for Office 2007. Well, they...
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December, 2008