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Pavan Podila's quicksort animation in WPF

Pavan Podila's quicksort animation in WPF

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We'd like to share a link to Pavan Podila's QuickSort animation in WPF [1] sample application. Pavan says: "The idea of creating a QuickSort animation struck me when I was explaining this algorithm to someone at UH. I thought it would be cool to animate this using WPF."

Pavan used Expression Interactive Designer (EID) and Visual Studio 2005 (VS) side by side. He created the project in EID and then opened it up in VS as well. He built the visuals in EID and used VS to write the logic.

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  • Feels great to see my demo mentioned on the XPR blog!
  • We're glad to showcase it, Pavan. :-)
  • Pavan Podila when i click on download source then shows error "404 not found"

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