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May, 2007

  • Expression Blend and Design

    Glassy Feed Buttons in Expression Design


    Annie Ford explains how to create glassy buttons in Design. Click here to read more about it!

  • Expression Blend and Design

    Working with Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" and Expression Blend


    If you are working with a CTP or Beta of Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas”, you will notice that projects and solutions that are created or edited in Visual Studio Orcas cannot be successfully reloaded inside Expression Blend.

    To make it easier to work around this issue, we are making available a utility tool that you can use to configure Expression Blend for Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas”. This tool can also be used with the Expression Blend 2 May Preview.

    a)      Download and unzip the attachment –

    b)      Run the executable – BlendConfigurator.exe

    c)       Accept the EULA.

    d)      Choose the installed location of the version of “Blend.exe” that you want to configure. For example, if you are trying to configure the Blend 2 May Preview, you will find it in the (ProgramFiles)\Microsoft Expression\Blend 1.1 folder.

    e)      Click on the “Visual Studio Code Name ‘Orcas’” button to configure Expression Blend for Visual Studio “Orcas”.

    Please note that uninstalling Orcas after configuring Blend for Orcas will result in Blend not working unless reconfigured for Visual Studio 2005 using this tool. 

    Content is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.

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    License Your Expression Programs


    After you buy and install any Expression program, you should immediately license your software to avoid future interruption of the programs. If you don’t license them, the programs will stop running after 60 days or possibly sooner if you have used a trial product key. When you start any unlicensed Expression program, a dialog box may prompt you to enter your product key to license the program. If you’ve closed that dialog without licensing your software or the dialog doesn’t appear, use the following steps to license your software instead:


    ·          To license Expression Blend, Expression Design, or Expression Media, start the program, choose Help > Enter Product Key, and then enter your product key which appears on a sticker on your software box; if you bought Expression Studio, licensing just one of these programs will also license the other two.

    ·          To license Expression Web, enter your product key when prompted during the installation process. If you installed Expression Web with a trial product key, you can license the installed trial program by doing the following: Close Expression Web and open your Control Panel in Windows. Double-click Programs and Features (Windows Vista) or Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP), select Microsoft Expression Web Trial in the list of installed programs, and click Change. In the installer dialog, select Convert and click Continue, and then follow the onscreen instructions to enter your product key.

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